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kits sandbox

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 Note: to delete an inserted plug-in, use backspace.


 Note: to insert a cell, row, or column, place the cursor in a cell next to where you wish to add the cell, row, or column, and your options will appear in a drop-down menu.


If I choose the "sort" option for a table, how do I then use this option?  I believe it's only available in PB 2.0, and I'm not sure which version we're working on.  I suspect it's 1.0


Tried inserting Google spreadsheet as recommended by one user in the Help forums, but it was not successful.  In one instance, I needed "login code" that I couldn't supply.  In another, I ended up with a square box that I couldn't edit.  So, back to the insert plugin on the toolbar.  So, how do I edit this green box?  Oh, I have to save it before it becomes a real spreadsheet.


numsum errorPlugin error: That plugin is not available.





Comments (3)

Lauren said

at 6:48 pm on Mar 28, 2009

Mary, I'm not sure how to use the plug-ins (the green boxes), either. This is pbwiki 2.0 -- it's the upgrade from the original software. I'm not sure how to sort the table, either. I'll try to give it s shot before Monday!

Mary Drew Powers said

at 3:01 pm on Mar 29, 2009

Weird. I added three entries, found I could sort them, but I could only do it in "View" and when I tried in "Edit" all that comes up is the dang green box. In View, I'm not able to save. What is the secret here?

Apparently the secret is that you can only edit the spreadsheet in "View." And it looks like a creepy spreadsheet, not a nice list you can look at. Maybe PB Wiki isn't the Wiki for us. I'm going to add this comment and see if the books I added to the spreadsheet stay there until I open it again.

Mary Drew Powers said

at 3:08 pm on Mar 29, 2009

Nope. Everything is gone. So - if the spreadsheet grid doesn't show up in "Edit" and doesn't save when in "View" how the heck are we supposed to use it? The secret is not yet revealed. Oh brother. Duh. There's a little floppy disc icon at the top of the spreadsheet. Yep, it works.

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